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About our companies

We provide Groceries, Ayurvedic Products, Milk Products, Ready to Eat Foods, Instant Mixes etc.

Who We Are

Jai Guruji was established by Tarun Goenka , he was working in the Food Retail Sector and he identified the gap of few exclusive products that were not available in Australia for the Indian consumers.
Jai Guruji came into business to overtake the previous company that was being run by Tarun Goenka
so that he can have exclusive agreements for distribution for some renowned companies of India.
Before Jai Guruji was establish, he was running retail stores (3 restaurants and 2 grocery stores) in the market for more than 5 years. 
While running the retail stores, they identified that some of the beloved products are still not available for Indian clientele and  started importing those products. The business instantly grew into regular import business and prompted them to expand and that resulted in formation of the company Jai Guruji.

International Standards

Jai Guruji has got exclusive tie-ups with some of the Well known brands in India and continuously tries to source new products that can be marketed well in the Australian Market
They focus on ethnic stores but have got some products that are up to International Standards, and are available main stream stores as well.
Also, Jai Guruji is one of the very few companies that directly deal in institutional sales. 
Jai Guruji has got their market with Ethnic Stores, Indian Restaurants and their own retails stores. Their USP is dealing in only exclusive products rather than following the traditional approach of dealing in the variety of products available for Indian consumers

Our company provide Ontime Delivery International Standards Super Quality Competitive Price

Our Commitment

Jai Guruji is committed to their customers to Supply Exclusive and Innovative Products that are not available in Australian market for one or another reason. The company is being supported by its parent company, HKG group in India, which is well established business group of more than 2 decades.
Jai Guruji maintains strong relationship with its Suppliers and Works on Mutual Understanding that is beneficial for both sides. With the ongoing support of our current suppliers, we are continuously expanding and becoming one of the well known names in the Australian Market.