Evoke the nostalgic flavour and aroma with Mother Dairy ghee

Evoke the nostalgic flavour and aroma with Mother Dairy ghee

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Mother Dairy Ghee is full of rich flavor and aroma similar to traditional made ghee. Let the irresistible aroma of Mother Dairy Ghee take you down the memory lane. Recreate the specials and everyday dishes from ghee filled kitchens of your beloved nani, daadi, buas and chaachis. Trust the pure Mother Dairy Ghee to rekindle that magical #KhushbooApnepanKi


what’s the special about Mother Dairy Ghee?

  • Natural Colour
  • Better Aroma
  • Smooth texture and better Granules
  • Processed with hygienic technique for optimum food safety & quality of ghee
  • It comes in 3 variants :- Ghee, Cow Ghee and Khaanti Ghee (Brown Ghee)


What are the health benefits of Mother Dairy Ghee?

  • Mother Dairy Ghee is pure, rich in vitamin A and is completely harmful trans- fat free* which causes harmful effects to the body. It is made up of short chain fatty acids making absorption of ghee in body becomes easy. So, let your desi magic do it all……..Enjoy consuming Mother Dairy Ghee in moderation along physical exercise & healthy lifestyle.
  • Mother Dairy Cow ghee has rich yellow colour, due to the goodness of beta carotene which acts as a powerful and potent antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals in our body.

*Mother Dairy Ghee has no industrial harmful trans-fats.