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This light, crunchy, fun and tasty snack is not only our first product offering, but also our best-selling!

Launched in 1984, this was the first product of its kind to hit Indian retail shelves and it did so with a Bang! In no time, it became quite the favourite especially among children, finding its way into many a tiffin break!

What makes this product so special is it’s unique combination of irresistible taste, healthy ingredients, and a whole lot of fun! 6 exciting flavours – Chatpata, Tangy Tomato, Masala Mania, Pudina Punch, Thai Sweet Chilli & Mast Cheese – guarantee lip-smacking satisfaction. Its unique ring shape has captured the hearts and fingers of two generations of children!

Baked, not fried, CRAX Corn Rings have a lower fat content than most popular snacks.