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On kitchen-shelves around the world today, there’s an enviable niche for exciting food products from the Tops range. This saga of success began in 1984, when a young Brij M Seth made his vision, his mission and ventured into the realm of high quality processed foods. With the launch of Tops noodles a tasteful treat caught the fancy of millions of Indian families. Riding high on this success, over the years, Tops Pickles, Tops Jams and Tops Sauces also became top favourites with food lovers across the country.

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ketchups, sauce & vinegar

Made with the goodness of juicy hand-picked tomatoes
Infused with fine selection of spices to provide a lip-smacking taste and texture
Perfect condiment for all snacks and meals, including Samosas, Pakoras, French Fries, Burgers, Noodles, etc.

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Enjoy yummy and delecious Chinese Noodles whenever you desire
Contains Zero Cholesterol and Free from Trans-Fat
Contains No Artificial Colour And Added Flavours

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Tops Vermicelli

Enjoy sweet and delicious kheer infused with the traditional goodness of Kesar and Elaichi whenever you desire
Made using a special process which makes it non-sticky and prevents any lumps while cooking
Trans Fat-Free

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Baking & Cooking essential

Smooth and velvety Vanilla flavour, makes thick and creamy custards, tempting puddings and irresistible ice-creams
Perfectly sumptious dessert after a hearty meal, served with your choices of fruits
Free from saturated and trans fat

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