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Services We Provide

In the competitive Retail Supermarket and Grocery Store Environments, food safety and quality directly impact reputation. Consistent food safety and brand protection practices are paramount to success. To best protect your reputation, the most trusted name in food safety.
include site reviews/audits, training, technical services and consulting. We go far beyond food safety with services including occupational health and safety (OSHA) compliance, Risk Management Services and Brand Standards/Quality Audits. With nearly 10 years of expertise in food safety and brand protection, and retail accounts, We have provided thousands of store and supply chain audits, delivering objective and actionable audit findings and robust technical guidance. Our strong public health roots mean we never compromise the objectivity of our food safety services by selling maintenance products.
Quality is the prime concern for us as we take pride in providing the high quality products. We go to great lengths and take the utmost care and precaution to ensure that each day our customers get nothing but the very best across all our products, services & interactions. The few quality measures adopted by us are mentioned below. We absolutely take utmost care in storing the products we sell. All the stores are maintained with high quality hygiene levels as the employees on the shop floor wear gloves and adopt other hygiene measures. We do not switch off our Freezers, Chillers or other refrigeration equipment at night. This is to ensure that temperature sensitive products are stored at correct temperatures all through.
We only deal with vendors having high quality ratings and who are not in the selling of product by doing some tampering with the manufacturing date, if we find any of our vendors doing anything wrong then we immediately terminate their supply of products to our store. If the products purchased from us are expired or spoilt when purchased, we would be happy to replace or exchange the foods or Products.